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Jackie has always had a strong passion for organizing! Whether it was categorizing clothes in her closet, finding containers to keep her office desk tidy, or helping her mom as a young girl to keep her Tupperware drawer in working order. 

Having a system in place for everything has always given Jackie CLARITY and eliminated stress and anxiety.

Prior to starting her career as a Professional Organizer, Jackie worked as a Legal Assistant at a law firm in Pawling, NY, the town where she grew up. In that role, organization was necessary in maintaining client relationships and prioritizing projects.

Becoming a mom has put organizing on a whole new level. From feeding schedules to daily routines, parenthood has given Jackie the confidence and motivation to help other busy moms get organized so they can make time for priorities in their life such as family, friends and health!

From this, Clarity Through Organization was born!

Jackie currently resides in the Hudson Valley in New York with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, the outdoors and keeping things tidy!

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