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Have you ever looked into your pantry and said “I have nothing to make for dinner”? This is a common scenario for most people. There is a full pantry stocked with boxes of items, but we don’t see anything that we are interested in. Having effective pantry solutions to keep you organized can help tremendously with quickly answering this question! Here are some tips for keeping an organized pantry, saving money on groceries, and eliminating food waste:

  • Categorize & Contain. Baskets or bins with labels are key in keeping like items together. When you are looking for something specific, you have one spot to look at. A snack basket for the kids is super helpful!

  • Decanting into clear storage containers. When you decant or empty items into clear storage containers, such as cereals, baking items, or snacks, you can see exactly how much you have left. Here are a couple of great options:

ProKeeper Baker's Storage Set

Anchor Hocking Montana Glass Canisters

  • Keep an eye on expiration dates. You don’t want to make that mac and cheese box for the kids at dinner time but realize it expired back in 2018. No fun for anyone! Use your bin or basket solution to stack or file items by expiration date so you use items in the order of which they’ll expire. An "Eat First" basket is also helpful in preventing food waste.

  • Challenge yourself to be creative with the items you have. Do you have a whole bag of potatoes sitting in the pantry about to go bad? Make a large batch of breakfast potatoes. Freeze some and have the rest throughout the week! Bread – no problem. I am always looking for some crouton crunch on my salads!

  • Meal plan. Keep your favorite recipes organized either electronically or in a recipe box. Quick and easy access. Pour that glass of wine on a Friday night and go online to your grocery stores to incorporate weekly sales!

  • Keep digital lists. Have you ever walked into the grocery store and realized you left your list at home? Use your phone since you most likely have it on you all the time. Make use of the notes app or other apps, such as eMeals to keep a running grocery list or for meal planning.

  • Know your inventory. Before going food shopping, take inventory of what you have so you are not buying double of what is already in your pantry. Keep a running list of items you run out of throughout the week (see tips above, use your phone!).

  • Source ideas to keep your menu fresh. Follow social media accounts and hashtags such as #mealplanning, #mealideas, #freezermeals or #organizedpantry for ideas! My sister, mom of 5 growing boys, has an account called Meals and The Menu (@mealsandthemenu). She posts great ideas for meal prep and recipes! Some other great accounts to follow include: @skinnytaste, @halfbakedharvest and @thepioneerwoman.

All you need is 15 minutes each week to keep your system in order! Email me at if you would like me to help you turn your unorganized pantry into a functional space that will save you money and decrease stress in the long run!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Welcome and thank you for checking out the new Clarity Through Organization (CTO) website! I am excited to share with you all of the things CTO has to offer!

These past few months have been filled with intense uncertainty. For someone who thrives off of routine and consistency, it has not been easy and I know I am not alone! I started my organizing business in February 2020, just a few weeks before New York State issued the “Stay at Home” order. A global pandemic and statewide quarantine certainly isn’t the best time to launch a business and sent me into action mode. What do I do now? How do I market my new business in a time where I can’t visit people’s homes? Although these thoughts were frequent, the one thing I knew I had to do was “keep up the momentum.” This mantra helped me stay focused, stay motivated and not give up. I pushed myself and took this “at home” opportunity to work on the back end of my business including building my website, learning accounting processes, becoming familiar with social media marketing and getting comfortable with seeing myself on an Instagram video! (Yikes! Still working on that ☺).

Although this uncertain time is not over, I am so excited to start working again with current clients, meet new clients and put my energy into helping others! Thank you to all of my family, friends, clients, and small business colleagues who have supported me, cheered me on and stood by me as I launch my new career.

I look forward to sharing more in upcoming editions of Jackie’s Journal and hope you’ll follow along. Don’t forget to add your email to my mailing list to get tons of helpful organizing tips, product recommendations, giveaways and a peek into my own life at home!


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