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5 Tips on Decluttering Paper

We all have it, paper piles! Sometimes it seems like they appear out of nowhere.  Paper clutter may include mail, work paperwork, your child’s homework, receipts, to name a few. It is perfectly okay to keep some papers but having a system as well as knowing what to purge is key in managing your “piles.” Here are 5 tips on decluttering paper:

1. Address mail right away. Decide if you need to either act on it (RSVP to that event, right away), keep it filed for future (need to pay that tuition bill next month?), or toss it/shred it (ever get a circular and know you never go to that store – toss it!). A desk file organizer like the one below is helpful in organizing papers that have to be addressed. Try and review this weekly.

2. Implement a filing system for filing away “Keep” papers. A simple filing box or filing cabinet (examples below) is a great tool to have in organizing paperwork that you need to keep but does not need to be acted on. A fireproof safe is also a great choice for important paperwork such as birth/death/marriage certificates, social security cards and passports.

3. Go paperless. Here are some simple ways to help (and remember it’s eco-friendly too!)

a Get monthly statements sent to by email.

b. Use your phone calendar!

c. Save important documents on your computer (save to a PDF instead of printing)

d. Invest in a scanner or use your phone to scan important papers to your computer files.

e. You can find most things online these days such as product manuals, coupons and grocery store flyers.

4. Unsubscribe from those unwanted magazines. No longer read that magazine you subscribed to back in 2010? Go to the brand’s website and there should be an option to manage your account and cancel the subscription. Any questions, just contact customer service. If you want to keep it, find out if there is a digital edition available!

5. Create a memory box. This is a great option for saving your child’s special artwork and important papers. See the below picture of one I made for my daughter. Super easy! Also, photo books for each school year is another option to store pictures of that year’s artwork.

5. Helpful apps. There are tons of apps that help you manage your paperwork load! (Ex: CamScanner, Dropbox or just use your phone camera!)

Need some help with paper management? Looking to get some systems in place for your kid’s upcoming “at home” school year? Contact me for a free consultation. Would love to get you on track for a successful year!

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