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Organizing Your Home with Labels

Labeling is so important when it comes to keeping your home organized. My main goal when working with my clients is to set them up for success after our session. I want them to be able to maintain the space with ease. If you take a look at my Instagram page, you will see some beautiful and organized spaces, as well as everything clearly labeled! Yes, trust me on this one guys, they work!

Why are they needed, you ask? Labels are so important in organizing because they create a defined space and a “home” for your belongings. If you have a label on a container or on a shelf where something belongs, you are more likely to put it back in that same spot when you are finished with it. Labeling also makes it faster to find what you are looking for and creates less stress for not only you, but everyone in the home. Not only can labels go on containers, but they can be placed on shelves too.

Here are some examples of labels that you can implement in your home:

  • Pantry: breakfast items, snacks, dinner prep, pasta, breads, drinks, cans, baking items.

  • Playroom: bins containing different categories of toys, containers for art supplies.

  • Dresser drawers and closet shelves: pajamas, undergarments, long sleeve, short sleeve, different types of pants, workout clothes.

  • Linen closet: different sizes of sheet sets and towels, blankets, table linens.

  • Storage spaces: light bulbs, batteries, fuse boxes, holiday bins, keepsake bins, clothes for kids to grow into.

  • Office: file folders, chargers/cords, office supplies, desk drawers.

Can labels be changed? Yes, of course! Our routines, lifestyles and preferences will change and therefore categories and zones in our home will change. Many types of labels are easy enough to remove and change up as often as you need to (chalkboard and dry erase). Just try and keep them all looking consistent and uniform when in the same space - same colors and sizes.

If you are looking to start organizing your home, here are some of my favorite types of labels and pictures of how I have used them in organizing client's homes (some links are affiliate links):

  1. Label Makers: Here are my favorite two types of label makers. Brother P-Touch PTH110 and the Brother P-Touch Cube Plus PT-P710BT. Label tape comes in all different sizes and colors. Have fun with it!

2.) Tags: Tags add such a pretty touch to a basket! You can find them at many retail and craft stores.  Also, try your local dollar store! The tags I used in this picture are Dollar Tree Chalk Board Tags

3.) Chalkboard Tape and Chalk Pen: This tape is simple and easy to use. You can cut it to whatever size you need and easily wipe it off when changing up the label. Scotch Chalkboard Tape Grab one of these chalk pens to use with it!

4.) Clip on label holders: These are great for baskets! Aren't they so pretty?

5.) Vinyl Cutting Machine: This is a more expensive labeling tool option if you are looking to create more than just labels. If you are a DIYer, this is for you! I have the Cricut Joy.

I hope these labeling tips have given you some inspiration on ways to use them in your own home! Make sure to share your organization projects with me by tagging @claritythroughorganization on your social! I would love to see them!

Happy labeling :)


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